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Success kid meme, text reads "remembered to turn of fmy dryer before my zoom audition" 0

Meme Monday!

Living in the era of Zoom theater, I thought this was a relevant meme… but we still had video auditions before Covid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Disaster Girl meme with caption that says "I have some rights of memory in this kingdom which now to claim my vantage doth invite me" 0

Meme Monday!

Hi folks! I’m back after a hiatus with the newest edition of Meme Monday! I thought I’d go with something light. 😀

Hamlet Soliloquy meme 0

Meme Monday!

Welcome to the first installment of Meme Monday, which was introduced in a recent blog news post. Hope this brightens up your start of the week. 😀