This is a list of resources for people in the theater world. Topics range from acting, directing, producing and more.

(Please note, I am in no way affiliated with these organizations. This is simply a list of random topics that may or may not be useful to theatrical artists.)

Actors Equity Association (AEA)

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The union that represents American actors and stage managers in the theater. Learn about the union, when you should join, how you can join, the AEA chapters in your area, and more.

American Association of Community Theatre (AACT)

Serving both individuals and organizations, AACT provides an array of resources to those who work in community theater.

The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe–need I say more? World renowned theater, also serves as an education center, and an obvious cultural landmark.

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Need a ten minute play? Or more? Here is a list of quality ten minute plays to use for a short play festival, your first directing gig, etc. Getting the rights is quick and easy. (And that’s often not true for copyrighted material!)

Stage Manager Association

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A professional organization for working stage managers across the United States (the only one in the US). Their mission is to recognize, advocate for, and provide continuing education and networking opportunities for stage managers across the country. 

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

Founded in 1893, The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is the union that represents the behind the scenes workers in theater (and film and TV). Always keeping up with technologies and new innovations, this union has been the backbone to stage hands and other behind the scenes employees.

United Scenic Artists

United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, IATSE, is a labor union dedicated to protecting craft standards, working conditions, and wages for designers, artists, crafts people and more.

National Alliance for Musical Theatre (NAMT)

Founded in 1985, the NAMT is a not-for-profit organization serving the musical theater community. Members include theatres, presenting organizations, higher education programs and individual producers.

Educational Theatre Association

Founded in 1929, the Education Theatre Association (EdTA), is the professional association for theater education. EdTA works to shape lives through theatre education with a number of activities including honoring student achievement in theatre, and influencing public opinion that theatre education is essential and builds life skills.

Ben Nye

The go-to for theater make up! Do you have a Ben Nye make up kit? Has any of your make up expired? Need to know where you can buy Ben Nye products in your area?

Concord Theatricals (who you may know as Samuel French)

One of the biggest resources for getting the rights to copyrighted plays. Browse new plays and the classics, short plays, and full length plays. Don’t forget, there are certain rules to follow when working with copyrighted material! Their customer service reps can help you with this.

Dramatists Play Service

Another leader in licensing for plays, and also a publisher, Dramatist Play Service is an organization a theatrical artist should definitely know about.

Theatre Communications Group

Established in 1961, The Theatre Communications Group (TCG) is a non-profit service organization that promotes professional non-profit theatre in the United States. The organization also publishes trade editions of theatrical scripts.

Dr. David Alan Stern, dialect professional

Need to learn an accent? Imitating them is not enough! David Alen Stern, Ph. D is one of the leading dialect coaches in the world. You can purchase downloads for a variety of accents at reasonable prices.

Hoffman Academy


This is a great company for online piano lessons. While it’s designed for kids, people of any age can take these lessons. Learning an instrument is a great way for an actor to… no pun intended, jazz up their resume.


This is a great website for online classes in… a lot of things. This includes topics ranging from learning to play an instrument, learning to draw (which is a big gold star if you’re going to work in theatrical design), learning about Shakespeare (his plays, his time period, etc), and much more!