Sunday–or rather Saturday Selections. (And a blog update!)

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Hi folks. Back with another play recommendation for you lovely people. This week’s pick: “Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen” by Caryl Churchill. This is a short play, and you can find it in an anthology. Let’s just say when I mention some of the stuff happening in this play.. you’ll quickly see why it came to mind.

This play was written in the 1970’s but it’s set in a dystopian version of 2010. And well, it’s unsafe to go outside so characters are forced to stay home as much as possible. Why is that? Well, it’s not from a pandemic, unlike our reasons for staying home this year. But it’s for something just as serious: pollution. In the play there is so much pollution in fact that there is very little breathable air left.

But even though characters are not staying home because of a pandemic, the play certainly speaks to current events and not just because we can relate to the character’s fear and uncertainty.  Environmental destruction is a serious problem we need to address—and it also contributes to the spreading of disease. I for one think it’s very telling that this play was written in the 1970s because even though we still have breathable air left, history has proven Churchill right in implying that pollution was only going to get far worse. In true Churchill style, she combines rapid erratic speech with messages to the audience that are not to be missed. I highly encourage you to check out this play!

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PS… got some blog updates for ya! After some thought, I’ve decided to move the articles to Wednesdays rather than Fridays. (They will be biweekly and the next article will be on July 14th.) Also, you’ll notice that it’s not the first and third occurrence of a weekday like I was doing with Fridays, but rather biweekly articles. This is because sometimes there’s more than four occurrences of a weekday in a month. Furthermore, I’ve also decided to move “Sunday Selections” to Saturday… thus making it “Saturday Selections”. Still got the alliteration so it works. 🙂 Hence the reason this post was made on a Saturday. Why have I made these changes? Well, I wanted to space out the posts I make a little more to give them more time at the top of the page. It irks me otherwise. I dunno, let’s give this a shot! Thanks for reading and stay tuned! I hope to have an email list set up soon.

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