I’m back!

Weeeeeeelllll, that turned out to be a long break! Life happens.

I love having this blog, and I considered the option of trying to do it for a living. But I struggled with understanding things like Ad Sense and what not, and my learning disability made it a lot worse. I am a person who needs more in depth support to figure out the kinks behind all that. Therefore, doing this for a living just wouldn’t be feasible for me. Maybe some day, maybe not. I have other projects to work on but I still love this website. Therefore, I’ve decided to run this blog as more of a hobby.

So what does that mean for the website?

Well, I won’t be doing weekly play recommendations anymore. 🙁 And I’ve taken the number or articles down to once a month. (I’ve settled on the final Friday of each month.) I just don’t have the time to write all those posts. But the good news is, in addition to my resource page, I will soon be adding venue list for the Portland metro area (where I’m located.) But I’ll keep the memes going. I’ll change it to “First Monday Memes”, rather than a weekly event.

I enjoy running this blog so I wouldn’t dare get rid of it now. Though it’ll be different, I hope you’ll still enjoy the articles and the resources I’ve compiled.

Stay cool everyone! And stay tuned! 😀

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