How to Run an Audition for Community Theater

Traffic sign that says "sarcasm ahead"

As a follow up to my “How to post an audition notice for community theater” I thought it might be fun to do one about auditions. And well, I’ve been insanely busy (lousy excuse, I know) but working two jobs, getting sick and and other stuff–so yeah, I’m gonna take the easy route in writing an article this month ’cause I don’t wanna miss another month. 😀 So I thought I’d make ya laugh, hopefully. Especially if you’re someone who unfairly gets stuck with unfortunate roles!

So, are you putting together a show and setting up auditions? Wanna know a great way to piss off hard working actors who attend, and be flat out disrectful of their time? Look no further!

Talk and/or make noise while the actors are performing

Whisper in ear

You may think this is obnoxious or unprofessional, but don’t even try to make it look like you’re paying attention. Whisper to each other, futz around with paperwork, have an annoyed look on your face, I mean–just go nuts! It’s not like the actors are busting their ass for this audition or anything.

Whatever you do, don’t give any info about when actors will be notified about casting

eyes, scared

An actor is never curious about this. We just go to auditions for shits and giggles. Giving us a rough estimate on when you’ll have a decision is just superfluous. Also, people like it when you put them on the spot so if we nervously have the goddamn nerve to ask, we think it’s a lot of fun.

Be vague about casting

Say things like “we’ll let you know when we have a decision”, or that you’ll tell us in a few weeks is great. (I mean, it should totally take a few weeks to wind down your choices.) It’s really great when we never hear from you, or if we hear from you waaaaaay down the road after we’ve pretty much forgotten.

Invite basically EVERYONE to call backs!

Cartoon crowd

It’s not like you need to narrow down your choices or anything, and everyone knows a call back should be like a cattle call. People love having their time wasted.

Please, please gush about how it was such a hard choice in your rejection email.

Trumpet boy meme

Because yeah… hearing you drone on over and over about it makes it so much better.

Oh, and ya know what? Just cast your friends.

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